Bloodbeat feat. Margenrot RU + Umbra RS


22h - Umbra - (RS)
23h - Margenrot (RU)

after: dj set: Anaïs / Vague

"MARGENROT is the solo project of Moscow-based musician LUSIA KAZARYAN-TOPCHYAN, who also used to sing and play keys for the iconic post-punk band FUNNY KAPLAN. Her solo endeavor explores more intriguing sonic territories by merging Eastern flavors with gloomy industrial rhythms and atmospheres.

The album shares its name with a conflict-ridden historical region in southeast Armenia. Margenrot’s inspiration, however, goes beyond geopolitics, and is rooted in the myth of the region’s name. According to Armenian folklore, the name Zangezur came into use after Timur’s conquest, who conquered the Syunik province after a renegade Armenian prince sabotaged the area’s alarm bells. As the province fell, its inhabitants wondered why the bells never rang, giving birth to the phrase “the ring is in vain,” or “zange zur” in Armenian".


UMBRA is performed by Marija Balubdžić, living and working in Belgrade and Vienna. Umbra collides tenebrous voice sounds and poetic temptation with a looper. Umbra unbinds chants saturated in noises, chords and pulses.

“Belgrade-based artist Marija Balubdžić has participated in a diverse variety of musics over the years, conducting choirs, making noise poetry, and working with some far more academic electroacoustic methods and pedagogies. Her solo project, Umbra, synthesizes it all together, splitting constantly between sweet and sour, noise and melody.(...) Her music is far more than your average ‘looper music’ though, never dealing in emotion as simple as the bliss-outs that litter the sub genre (...) or solely in chaotic noise.” Tristan Bath, The Quietus

“Umbra's songs (as “tracks” wouldn't do them justice) were largely born of live performances, and capture the raw essence of improvisation. The voice becomes the expressive tool appearing in its various guises: utilitarian and at other times, taking the centre stage.” Baba Vanga

Umbra live performance at Opskura, September 2017

Vergangene Termine