Best of Street Art Vienna - No.2

Eine Auswahl der besten Street Art-Künstler Wiens ist in der Brotfabrik zu sehen-

Vienna as a Street Art Center is internationally recognised by now and Street Art in Vienna has become an essential part of Vienna’s contemporary art production. The artistic quality of the artworks has visibly increased to a great extent during the last years. Between the outside and inside art production exchange is taking place - within the art production of one artist as well as between artists of different backgrounds. Also female artists have entered the otherwise male dominated scene. International Street Artists come to Vienna paying respect to the exciting phenomenon and to the impressive latest developments in Street Art in Vienna adding also their values to the city.
Street Artists like Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Space Invader, Obey Giant Shepard Fairey, Roa and many others have already found their place in the international contemporary art world and have entered even the art market with its many galleries, museums, and world leading auction houses like Sothebys and Christies. This exhibitions-series presents an art historical snapshot of most relevant representatives of Street Art from the actual Street Art production in Vienna with a focus onart´ within the term `street art´: positions with a conceptual, technically advanced, aesthetic, social-political and/or pictorial-narrative artistic approach.

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