Believe in Insolation 02

Is it a coincidence that the dance floors will be closed for an indefinite amount of time ? This is not a time to be angry, rather do something creative about the current situation and figure out how to survive.

Actually most people living in Vienna have it easier than others. Some businesses cannot pay the rent, they apply for a loan or funding, receive it instantly, but others are not so lucky, like us. Although we are fortunate to have received a little, it is not enough to get the rent covered. Maybe by this time some people got grandmas inheritance but others do not have that advantage. DJ streaming in an empty dance floor or in a bedroom became the most popular activity of spring 2020, and to think it is suppose to be festival season.

What will be the future of Underground Culture? Will everyone go back to following the hype and not doing the actual research? Will producers continue to keep trying to sound like that one person who ripped off the other person? Now anyone can stream from their home or club, will popular streaming platforms that generate thousands of dollars be of any importance after the quarantines are dropped? Will people continue to obliterate themselves with drugs and alcohol or will they be more conscious and appreciate the experience in person more?

These are all questions we want artist, writers, and people from the community to answer and elaborate. By opening our doors to only max of 5 people in the entire vicinity we will gather to record a stream and interview. Also audio clips from international artist giving us their insights. Eventually they will be compiled into an archived podcast that will be streamble. Sessions will be no longer than 2 hours.

There will no performing/dance/bar events open until perhaps Fall 2020 and no one can go to international events. Now is the time to support the local scene and find out who is here, why and what they are doing rather than focusing on the outsiders.

The project will work in that two people will buy a 25€ ticket each and that is their entrance to seeing this experience. Once the two tickets are purchased the event will be held. The entrance ticket comes with two drinks of your choice. This money will be split by the artist and technician.

Distant of 1,98 meters and sanitary precautions will be strictly held in place.

The program will be announced in the upcoming days and the ability to sign up as a participant. If you are a participant, consider yourself a participant and a donor to a good cause. You can gladly have a moment to say what you think on the situation if you wish.

If you are interested as a performer or interviewer reach out and let us know what you have in mind. [email protected]

The team at rrr hopes you will support and join us!

Vergangene Termine