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BECOMING///ANIMAL is the amazing collaborative band/duo of Massimo Pupillo of Zu, and Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk and This Mortal Coil. Their moving album “A Distant Hand Lifted”, a filtered orchestra that roars and hisses becoming one with a magnificent haunting voice, will be out October 2017 on Trost Records.

Gordon Sharp is one of the most seminal and enigmatic figures of the British underground music of the last 4 decades.

A Scottish singer and experimental composer, his first release with The Freeze “In Colour” came out on an independent scottish label in 1979. Three John Peel sessions followed, and the band subsequently changed its name into “Cindytalk” , which became the medium for Gordon ( now also known as Cinder) solo output . As Cindytalk, he has performed all over the world.

His most recent album “The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line” has been released on Editions Mego december 2016.

One of the most recognizable voices of his generation, he came to fame being the singer of This Mortal Coil and participating at Cocteau Twins´ John Peel sessions as a second vocalist. He was asked by the Cocteaus to join the band to which he kindly refused. Rumours are that he was also asked to be the first singer of Duran Duran, to which he also kindly refused.

Massimo Pupillo is a musician, composer, and improviser, originally from Rome, Italy.

After a lot of trials and errors, he started the trio ZU in 1997. Zu released some 15 albums (and lots of singles and compilations) on labels such as House Of Mythology, Ipecac Recordings, Atavistic , Red Note, Amanita, Frenetic, etc

Massimo released more than 50 albums in various line ups and collaborations, and played more than 2000 concerts all over the world, in different contexts like rock, jazz, classical and contemporary music festivals, theatre performance.

With Zu he collaborated live and in studio with some of the best musicians of the rock & avantgarde scene, like Mike Patton, The Melvins, David Tibet, Nobukazu Takemura, Damo Suzuki, Dalek, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, etc.

As in 2017, Massimo has an ongoing bunch of project and collaborations with ThighPaulSandra of Coil, Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk, Laniakea with Daniel O?Sullivan and Jessica Moss, Oren Ambarchi, Stefano Pilia, classical piano players Katia and Marielle Labeque, soprano Barbara Hannigan, Caspar Brotzmann, FM Einheit, Mats Gustafsson Heal Ensemble, Christina Vantzou, Francesco Donadello, Andrea Belfi, Mieko Suzuki, dance company Dewey Dell, etc.


Vienna-based American producer puppy38 performs under the project name hiroshimabend. With a range varying from found sounds, field recordings and industrial rhythms to long drones, dark ambience and avant noise, listening to the music of hiroshimabend has been likened to the experience of swimming in a milky lake of black ink.

hiroshimabend has been based in Vienna for the past four years. 2016 saw the release of “dddirzzz”, the 25th album by hiroshimabend, by Vienna’s Klanggalerie label.
hiroshimabend has also released over 50 works on independent label Opiumdenpluto, including “Rednow Gnir”, which has been nominated in the category of Design/Packaging for the upcoming Independent Music Awards.

Einlass BECOMING///ANIMAL: 20.00
Eintritt: VVK 10€ (Jugendinfo Wien) / AK 12€

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