Bassive #10: Lion's Den, Rdh, Melodub

Bassive, we are Soundsystem Culture!


▶ Lion's Den ft. Konta (D)
▶ Rdh Hi-Fi (Fr)
▶ Melodub Sound System (Fr)

▶ hosted & powered by: STEREOFREEZED SOUNDSYSTEM

Lion's Den is a label, a sound system, a studio and a production and promotion force from Berlin, Germany.
Started by the musical activist Ras Lion a few years ago Lion’s Den has constantly been moving forward on all aspects of delivering finest in conscious music ever since – in the studio, on vinyl or at a dance. Always on a musical mission to merge creative energies – connecting different people, different influences and inspiration – Lion’s Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world.The record label is specialized in Dub, Steppas, Reggae, and other music in the same terrain on vinyl and digitally.

The Rdh Hi-Fi project was created by Clem and Simon, as they both wanted to get involved into the soundsystem movment, and participate to the promotion of the reggae music as well as its positivity and unity message. Both instruments players at a young age, RDH Sound is also playing home-made original dub productions and exclusive dubplates. Inspired by legendary sounds and producers such as King Earthquake, Zion Gate Hi-Fi or Gussie P (to mention only a few), as well as others classical jamaïcans bands such as Burning Spear or Culture, their selection flows through different kind of styles of music that are part of the history of Reggae and Dub music Up to the lasts Stepper/Electro Dub productions freshly out of their studio. Then, to ensure the best knowledge and control of the equipment they’re using, they try to build themselves all the machines and materials they need (Speaker Boxes, Dub Sirens, Effects, Preamps, ect…), as the pioneers of the sound used to do.

The Melodub Sound System project was created in 2011 by French Sound System addicts Klm and Jahraw. They promote all kinds of sound system cultures and want to push forward the movement of "Do It Your Self" (DIY).
They started building their handcrafted sound system in 2012 with 2 scoops and quickly grew up to 6. Many sessions followed the next year and allow the crew to share dances with artists like Baters, Dawa Hifi, Bunnigton Judah, Moa Abbesa and many more.
Finally during 2016 summer they upgraded the sound system to 8 scoops. Today They are based in Nantes (West coast of France), MELODUB is in constant improvement, aiming for a powerful and qualitative sound, to allow their listeners to enjoy the musical trip.


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