Bassfilez Party im Rauch

Bassfilez und Rauchclub sind sehr stolz darauf euch diesen Abend mit Bass und Liebe zu präsentieren! Das bedeutet für euch feinsten Drum&Bass, Trap, Basshouse, Breaks und alles artverwandte.



Der sympathische Ulmer ist nicht nur als D&B-DJ ein unglaublicher Durchstartet sonder auch als Produzent und Sound-Engineer ein weltweit gefragter Mann!

NME CLICK [dsci4 | trust in music | mindtech | noir | touchdown, ulm]

The Nme Click was founded in 1994. They promote the Feeel festival and the event-series Touchdown, Noir - Pitch Black Drum&Bass and Echoes From The Future, but also other one-offs and side-events like U.L.M. [United Local Musicians], Parallax, StepUp! Specialand more.

Since the beginning of 1998 they have been hosting their own radioshow StepUp! Your Sound on Radio Free FM [Livestream: via, Saturdays 19-22 h]. There one can catch exclusive appereances from local and [inter-]national DJs, listen to interviews, get info about the latest tunes and take part in competitions and more. Theyre always on the lookout for new talent to feature on the show, so feel free to get in touch with them and dont hesitate to send in mixes!

Their productions and collaborations with Dementia, Rregula, Zero Method, Goku or Rare:Groove are released on labels like DSCI4, Shadybrain, Climate, Icarus Audio and Basswerk.


Style: Bass, Club, D&B, HipHop, Glitch, Electronica,

South Germanys Daniel Neumann, aka FxFarmer from the mighty Funkanomics, is many things at once. The German native is a true music enthusiast; an artist and human being that can never be repeated. With an unparalleled energy, the DJ,vinyl junkie, producer, promoter and bloghost brings a different level of performance and showmanship to bass and funk music.

Being a true music lover, and a complete obsessive, as a DJ/selectorFxFarmer has opened minds around the world to music that wouldn’t otherwise get heard. With his Crew and also just by himself FxFarmer played the whole planet, from India to Canada and from Australia back to Europe! He is the Prototype of a DJ and loves his job!

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