"Too High To Riot" heißt das letzte Studioalbum des amerikanischen Rappers aus New York, mit dem er aus auf Platz 6 in die US Rap Charts geschafft hat.

The son of Sudanese parents, Bas was raised in Paris until the age of eight, when his family moved to Jamaica, Queens. He didn’t start rapping until 2010, and that was on a lark, after he was coerced by a friend.
Touring with J. Cole fostered the fledgling rapper’s development as a performer, while mixtape releases such as Quarter Water Raised Me and Quarter Water Raised Me II elevated his profile.
Cole signed Bas to Dreamville releasing Last Winter, jokingly referred to as “An album from a n*gga who ain’t got alotta fans yet”. It was released as a digital download and a CD in April 2014.


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