Barefoot in the Park

Neil Simon’s "Barefoot in the Park" established him as a master of comedy with his sharp wit and vivid characterisations. The original Broadway production featured Robert Redford, who was later joined by Jane Fonda in the hit 1967 movie.

Fresh off a six-day honeymoon at the Plaza Hotel, free-spirited, fun-loving Corie and her buttoned-down husband Paul, a lawyer, move into their new apartment in New York City to begin their wonderful life as newly-weds. However, romance turns out a bit of a challenge when it has to be sustained in a one room, fifth floor walk-up with a broken skylight that lets in the cold and occasional snowfall in equal measures. Surprise visits from Corie’s meddling mother and their eccentric upstairs neighbour Velasco, who uses their bedroom window as an emergency exit to his flat, lead to further frustration. When Corie has the “brilliant” idea to set up her lonely mum with Velasco, the disastrously hilarious dinner only accelerates the impending fall out between the formerly madly-in-love spouses. When opposites attract it takes a little patience to get through daily routine – walking barefoot in the park together might be a good start…

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