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Balkan Tango Vibes



21:00 - 22:15 - DJ NITKOV
22:15 - 00:00 - Balkan Tango VIbes
00:00 - DJ NITKOV

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Contemporary Balkan, World Music, Opa - Tzupa Style!

WE ARE MULTI-KULTI: As we witness the melting of world cultures, we see endless musical possibilities that this contact gives us.

OUR MUSIC is made for dance, love, peace and good mood.
We play original catchy melodies and energetic rhythms, seasoned with Balkan and Tango Vibes.

OUR MISSION is to create an atmosphere that gives audiences an opportunity to take a break, have a drink, dance, and enjoy life. By creating original catchy melodies and energetic rhythms of mainly Balkan and Tango influences, BTV create an authentic “Opa – Tzupa Vibe” which has the power of provoking good mood.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: BTV is currently one of the most exciting World Music bands in Austria. They support the neo – optimistic social movement and choose to look at the bright side of globalization. Being a true multi-kulti world music band, BTV play an important role in the world music sub-genre called “the crossover” or melting of world music.

Musik und Rhythmen bei denen kein Tanzbein ruhig bleibt. Heiße Balkan Beats vermischt mit einprägsamen Melodien und rockigen Klängen erfrischen Jung und Alt – ein bunter Mix der Partystimmung garantiert. ...

Website: http://www.balkantangovibes.com
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Von BalkanBrass bis LatinSka, von Gypsy Grooves bis Elektro Swing, von Russendisko bis Neue Volksmusik, von Klezmer bis YU-Rock, manchmal sogar ein bissl HipHop, und natürlich Unza Unza, Gogol Bordello & Manu Chao: DJ NITKOV legt das auf, was ihm gerade Spaß macht. Wer es hören mag, schaut vorbei. Pivo & Vodka wird jedenfalls ausgeschenkt, und was dann passiert, schau ma mal… Vidimo se!

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