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DJ Dae

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The collective was founded by Vienna born and raised black young females Enyonam Tetteh-Klu and Elisabeth Taruvinga Mtasa. From growing up in a society that is/was mostly white, brought us to the idea to start an all black female collective and creating a space, which includes four Djanes and two MCs. Our aim is not only to host parties and dance, but to also bring a voice on different topics for example, showcasing the positive sides of black people living in Austria, but also bringing awareness on racism and discrimination in general, also towards the queer community. Different experiences with growing up in different parts, we also want to empower the second and upcoming third black diaspora in Austria (expanding into german speaking countries in the future), including workshops and panels beside our parties. With every big own event hosted by us, we choose individuals, a community or an association, that is known by us or friends to donate proceedings to, for a relevant and pressing cause.

” Recognising and celebrating our diversity”

Along with the founders, the collective consists of two resident Djanes Tmnit Ghide and Tonica Hunter and two resident MCs Tanya Moyo and Zion Flex. On putting our ideas together visually, Chelsea Amada is taking care of video editing, graphic design and visuals.

Each coming from different backgrounds, growing up in different parts of the world, all of us are engaged in social and political work and art forms in personal, academic and professional contexts.

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