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Performance in the Hall of Columns
in English

In 1897, bronzes and other objects from the Royal Palace of Benin were captured in what is now Benin City, Nigeria. Through public actions, these objects came into European museums and private collections. In consequence, there are also various objects from the Kingdom of Benin in the Weltmuseum Wien. Requests for restitution of these objects have been existing since the time of independence and have become even more present in today’s public debate. Although there are several issues with these claims, they encourage us to reconsider the use of these artefacts. Questions are raised such as:
Who is allowed to tell this narrative?
To whom belongs the beauty of those objects?
How can we share this common heritage with its painful history?

Through a young narrator (Griot) of the association Alter Natives, the audience get to know the history of an object of the Weltmuseum Wien. With four animated boxes, such as living dioramas and a shadow theatre, the group opens up the intercultural dialogue to the visitors.

On Thursday, visitors will have the opportunity to see the performance at three different times: 10:15 am, 1:15 pm and 4:15 pm in the Hall of Columns. The performances will be filmed and put online to keep track of this process.

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