Wir freuen uns darauf, in unserem alten guten Wohnzimmer mit euch mal wieder eine kräftige Sause springen zu lassen! Aus diesem Anlass findet mal spontan am Sa. den 23.06. das nexte A Secret Techno Rave at Bunker Graz statt!

Zu Gast bei uns der liebe BFVR aus dem französischen Reich! Obwohl er noch so jung ist hat er schon bei zahlreichen weltbekannten Labels einen Vertrag. Vorerst könnt ihr nur mal seine Biografie durchlesen! Denn Sound bekommt ihr später! Wir sehen uns am 23.06. - Better be there!

Renesanz, Reload Records

BFVR is a young techno DJ / Producer from France. Influenced by electronic music at the age of 15, he has been travelling festivals and music events, being inspired by various artists of the electronic scene to conceive a powerful and mesmerizing techno. His music is presented as a strong driving Techno with dark atmospheres.

2017 was an important year for BFVR because he signed on labels with Renesanz, Reload Black, Egothermia, Trial and many others...
He also launched his own label "Fever Recordings" to release original and quality Techno productions.

Already recognized in the top 100th techno labels and supported by many artists, he's certainly one of the new greatest upcoming Techno DJ Producer.

Supported by: The Yellowheads, Mark Greene, Julian Ess, Sven Sossong, Dario Sorano


Naked Lunch, Techno Macht Sinn

Auge mal Beat, Gain Records

✖️Florin Vi
Vijulie Records, ASTR

Vijulie Records, ASTR

Vijulie Records, ASTR

✖️Patrick Engel
Gebrüder Mond

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