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"Dream the dreams that have never been dreamt." -David Bowie

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What is Art after Dark Wien ?
Art After Dark Wien, is a creative artists after-hours event. Art after Dark Wien is place where creativity flourishes, while enjoying your favorite beverage. It features art, photography, spoken word, live music, performance art and more! Whether coming alone or with friends - Join Us - These events are a way for local artists to share their work with the community, and for visitors to have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the work of inspiring artists. - Cheers!

Politics and Dreams. These two words could in a certain sense be seen as opposites. Politics evoke a sense of order and approaching things logically. Therefore it could be associated with the left side of the brain and masculine energy. Dreams, on the other hand, are abstract and wild. They are unexplainable and occur in the realm of invisible things. They relate to the subconscious, the right side of the brain and work strongly with feminine energy.

The Politics of dreams could mean many things. One interpretation is that it’s the attempt to create a system that governs over and gives structure to dreams. This task is likely one of the only things in this world that is truly impossible. It is also a metaphor for the state of many of us in society today. We are artists and dreamers being dominated by a society run by structure. On a deeper level, we are animals who are slowly leaving our origins of nature behind and stepping into a new technology-filled reality. Governments have the impossible task of creating structure in a reality where a subconscious, intuitive force will always lives inside of every creature.

Subconscious vs Conscious // Random vs. Mathematical // Nature vs. Technology // Wild vs.Domesticated // Politics vs. Dreams. We always fight to find a balance between extremes. Sometimes the two sides clash with each other. However, like the human brain, they also have the capacity to work together in harmony.

We are looking for art that explores these ideas or brings a new approach towards what “The Politics of Dreams” encompasses. Part of what drew us to this name was the ambiguity of it. Every individual can weave their own story of what they believe this notion suggests.


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