Anna Breit. Teens (in their rooms)

Specializing in both fine art and fashion photography, Anna encounters all her subjects – family members, friends, and models - with the same attention and spontaneity.

Anna Breit is an emerging photographer from Vienna, Austria.

She mainly works with an analog Leica M6, using a bright, harsh flash, while hardly retouching her photographs - choosing instead to explore their intimate character, in contrast to the artificial sensuality usually found in commercial photography.

Anna Breit’s work has been published in international magazines such as The KUNST Magazine (NY) and Kaltblut Magazine (Berlin), as well as national magazines like Schaufenster and Falter. She participated in exhibitions including Space Place in Russia, 71A Gallery in London, Take Festival in Vienna and Rrriot Festival in Vienna.

In her upcoming exhibition at Improper Walls, Anna Breit will show a selection of her new series, ”Teens (in their rooms)“. As part of her solo show, Anna would like to create a portrait of young people between the ages of 13 and 19. The place of the photographs is always the room of the young person - the place they know best. The aim of the portrait series is to create visibility of all young people in the exhibition or in the book without highlighting certain groups. Everything takes place on an equal footing and every person gets the same stage - regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Being a teenager is an adventure on its own, a time in one’s life that deserves to have a stage.

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