Amen Celebrates It's Second Anniversary


23:00 Asfast LIVE (AMEN/ Ventil Records)
23:30 In My Talons LIVE (AMEN)
00:00 Kean Farrar LIVE
01:00 Hnrk (TeamSESH)
02:00 M.E.S.H. (Janus/ PAN)
03:00 DJ Angel (BLISS)
04:00 Fauna (Ventil Records)
05:00 DJ Fabian Deutsch (AMEN)

M.E.S.H. (Janus/PAN)

James Whipple is a resident at Janus, the Berlin party whose music policy has spread across the world as part of a movement known as deconstructed or experimental club music. His early work as M.E.S.H., including his 2015 album for PAN, Piteous Gate, was among the scene’s most complex and adventurous. He made dance music that was dense with references, samples and explosive sound design, delivered over frantic rhythms partly inspired by the internet’s information overload. With experience, Whipple has streamlined his sound, culminating in his new album, Hesaitix, where hyperactive rhythms bubble up in between prettier and more restrained passages of ambience.

hnrk (TeamSESH)

Henrik Engstler is a multi-facetted producer from Germany, who is mostly known for his production for US rappers [email protected] Kid aka Bones Spooky Blackand Lil B “THE BASEDGOD”, while also releasing records on his own, and working together with Dj Heroin as SCHISM.

Start: 20.00
Admission: 10Euro

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