Amanita & Animal Instinct meets Malice in Wonderland & Naima

Amanita und Animal Instinct laden euch nach unserer Winterpause recht herzlich zum Rave ein!

Kommt und feiert mit uns den Start in den Sommer & das mit feinstem Soundsystem C37. Gespielt wird natürlich wie immer nur feinster psychedelic! Shop, free Fruits und free Chai!

Eintritt gibt´s für 15 EURO, für ALLE die nicht von Nordtirol sind und mit dem Zug/Bus anreisen, bei vorweisbarem Ticket, 10 Euro.


LIVE Sounds


MIW's Livesets are intended to be a sonic trip and cover the many faces & various aspects of the tunes in an effectively combination to emphasize a contrast between intricate harmony & distorted screams of raw energy and emotion.

VOX FABRI (Another Dimension/Visionary shamanic records) HU

in 2016 he start his own project: Vox Fabri! He always try to create tribal organic atmosphere/soundscapes with abstract shadowy voices and sounds. He played a various parties and festivals in Hungary , Austria , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Croatia and Norway

New Live Set & EP presentation !

Dj Set:

NAIMA (Sangoma Records) AT

Naima started her journey as a DJ seriously 2009, in her sets she symbolize psychedelic sounds, mystical & powerful deep tunes for colourful nights or energetic mornings.

(Soundlab Pirates / Visionary Shamanics Records) AT

Heads of Bionic Ritaul and Dj couple with a preference for organic , stimulating Sound.
Manuel and Maike were 2013 at their first Psy Party.
Quickly attracted the darker side of Psytrance their attention.

NARADHA (Banyan Records) AT

His interpretation of a perfect DJ-Set is a mixture of experimental, highly psychedelic and energetic soundscapes. Raw but yet sophisticated his sets connect you to the earth and kick you into outer space at the same time.

Decoration made by

Electronic Diversity, AT

Sound System by C37

Shop, free fruits and Chai

mit Bus/Zug Ticket: 10 EURO
die Geburtstagskinder vom 19-21 April bekommen freien Eintritt

Ab 18 (Ausweis!)

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