Amanita presents Hypnotique feat. Zzbing

We are proud to bring to you the first Hypnotique Recordings Label night to Innsbruck, Austria. We will showcase our Label sound with over 12 artists from all over the world along with our headliner Zzbing. Come to join us on 30th Nov for a night of mind bending forest trance dripping with psychedelia to rewire your senses

▶ Live-Acts:

Zzbing (Woodog recordings) England

Melting brain cells and smashing neurons on dancefloors at club nights and festivals across Europe. Momento Demento, Croatia; Revision Festival, Greece; Elysium Island Festival, Serbia and Galatika Festival, Portugal to name but a few. His Hive minded E.P, released on the awesome Hypnotique Records, was well recieved in the global underground psychedelic trance scene. With his infectcious groovy basslines, ripping leads and astral atmospheres, he’s been taking dancefloors on crazy journeys into a digital garden of audio delights.

Simia (Serbia)

Simia is the Project of Matia ,born in 1992, Belgrade.
Psychedelic trance music became part of his life when he was 12 years old. First steps in music production came in 2007. Surrounded by many musical cultures and influences ,he also started to play piano and experimenting with sound design.

After a few years of learning and developing techniques he released tracks on a friends label , Psymoon records in 2014, when Simia project was officially born as a digital free release, which came up with very nice feedback from the local crowd and friends. In 2015 he was asked to join Hypnotique recordings by Shine Trailoka, what helped him to achive better production and sound design by improving his skills and techniques in arrangement. By time he released few tracks on international labels like: Forestdelic, Tripping Trolls, Popol Vuh. Currently he is preparing an EP, which will be released on Hypnotique recordings.

Vahati (france)

Vahati is the psytrance project created by JC Kerinec , a French producer based in France and Morocco.

JC discovered psychedelic trance in 2011 and started experimenting with its production aspect in 2013. Four years of experimenting and learning eventually led to the birth of the ‘Vahati’ project. His unique signature sound features deep powerful basslines, detailed driving percussion, multilayered atmospheres and dynamic high energy leads .

Seraburayka (greece)

Seraburayka is a psychedelic trance project created in 2015 by Spyros from Athens, Greece.

His music constitutes of powerful bass lines, deep atmospheric textures and a hypnotic blend of organic and mechanical sonic frequencies.The aim is to take the listener to a futuristic dimension where entities of nature and technology coexist in perfect harmony.

Fraktal sequence (dubai)

Fraktal Sequence is the Psytrance project of Danny Saigal, an avid sonic explorer and mind trekker. Hailing from Australia, Danny has traversed the globe in search of brain tickling frequencies in order to alter his brain chemistry. As a musician, Dj and producer, Danny is intent on using his extensive audio research to help alter the brain chemistry of others. Danny is also a founding member and partner of Hypnotique Recordings based in Dubai. The Fraktal Sequence project focuses more on night-time psychedelia intended to take the listener through a voyage of high energy mystical and atmospheric audio frequencies .

Kacid (Cyprus)

Kacid is the psytrance project of Antreas Kivitiis from Nicosia,Cyprus. Being exposed to the psytrance scene in 2008, he felt an instant connection to both the music and the ideologies of the scene. This inspired him to experiment with psychedelic frequencies on his own which eventually resulted in the birth of Kacid. Kacid can be described as high octane music that consists of groovy basslines, driving leads and deep atmospheres all carefully designed to elevate dancefloors on this planet and beyond.

Pitchriders (Mexico/France)

more tba!

▶ Dj-Acts:

UotoU (Italy)

UoToU’ is the psytrance project of Alexander Locher and Benjamin Vieider coming from the magical mountains of South Tyrol in Italy. Both Alex and Ben have a rich musical history with Alex as a drummer / guitarist in a few rock and metal projects and Ben being a drummer/percussionist for many bands with various musical styles.

Although they were both introduced to psytrance at different spectrums of time, they soon realized that this special music was creating a new passion within them. Once the universe finally brought them together through the M-spirit, they began a new journey deeper into the world of psytrance with DJing and music production. This resulted in the duo playing around the world and also releasing their first tracks on Sarnarschourt Records under the project name M-br(I)os.

“UoToU” was created by the duo 2017 to go deeper in the mystical dimensions of forest psytrance . Specializing in pumping basslines, detailed percussions, mind melting atmospheres and body battering leads, Uotou now prepares to ooze out soul shattering psychedelia to dancefloors all around this planet and beyond.

Entry: 20€
Admission from 18

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