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Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb - Chivalry is dead

Zwei Ritter stehen im Rauch – brachial und schleppend bewegen sie sich auf das Publikum zu und zertanzen alte Männerrituale…

Nicht nur in Parallelwelten, auch in der realen Welt sind Rittertugenden wieder beliebt. Doch wenn Ritter tanzen, kommt vieles zum Vorschein.

The times of short-lived, brave and heroic men and their martial codes seem long gone, yet many of their behavioural patterns and ways of thinking still have a way of prevailing today. From gender courtesy and gallantry to MMORPGs, Live Action Role Playing and TV shows – all inspired by medieval knighthood – a revival of male codes of “valour” and “honour” is thriving on the marketplace.
In a society attempting to move on and free itself from heavily patriarchal structures, the concepts of chivalry and chauvinism are dangerously intertwined. The armoured body is used as a symbolic representation of these concepts, exemplifying the discrepancy between the outer and the inner: An idea of masculinity derived from being hard and unforgiving on the outside, while soft and understanding at heart.

Idee/Tanz/Performance: Alex Deutinger, Alexander Gottfarb
Musik: Stephan Sperlich
Licht: Peter Thalhammer

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