Aka Moon / Jeroen Van Herzeele Gratitude Trio

Aka Moon

Celebrating 20 years of existence for a band is clearly an exceptional event. Especially as the odds of survival are quite limited for a band that still embraces the desire to discover and propose alternatives. Aka Moon is above all a story of friendship between three passionate musicians, with a history marked by a multitude of exchanges, innumerable encounters, journeys and collaborations and over a dozen of albums to testify.

Curiously, the last pure-trio album dates from the early days. And yet, the trio has always been the foundation on which this history patiently was built. In the whirlwind of discoveries, they never lost contact with their source-energy and only the three of them have the complete memory of this unusual but constant evolution since their birth 20 years ago among the Aka Pygmies.

Today more than ever the joy and wonder of playing together are invariable elements of their concerts. They are marked with intense and spontaneous communication, fresh in the quality of interaction, a unique musical language and a direct expressive and fascinating power. They combine the force of a big orchestra while having the flexibility of chamber musicians.To record and play more in the pure form of a trio became an essential artistical emergency and so in 2012 the album UNISON was released. (Pressetext)

Jeroen Van Herzeele Gratitude Trio

Van Herzeele studierte im Antwerpener Jazz Studio bei Dave Pike, Peter Hertmans und John Ruocco und besuchte Workshops von Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, Steve Grossman und Bill Pierce. Ab 1997 spielte er in der Avantgarde-Jazzband Mâäk`s Spirit von Laurent Blondiau. Weiter spielte er unter anderem in der Band Octurn des Saxophonisten und Klarinettisten Bo Van der Werf (die stets mit mindestens drei Saxophonisten spielt), mit denen er 1994 auf dem North Sea Jazz Festival und 1997 in der Knitting Factory und dem Montreal Jazz Festival auftrat. Er leitete eine eigene Acid Jazz-Band Greetings from Mercury, spielt mit eigenem Trio (Debütalbum At the Crossroads, Carbon 7, 1995) sowie im Quintett und Quartett von Ben Sluijs. Er nahm unter anderem mit Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine, David Linx und Nathalie Loriers auf. 1999 erhielt er den Django d’Or. (Pressetext)

Ako Moon:
Fabrizio Cassol: alto saxophone
Michel Hatzigeorgiou: fender bass
Stéphane Galland: drums

Jeroen Van Herzeele Trio:
Jeroen Van Herzeele: tenor saxophone
Alfred Vilayleck: bass
Louis Favre: drums

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