A LuvAffair w/ Jon Gravy

LuvAffair is warm, all including, yet relentless and hard driven with deep bass lines, ultimate high hat combos and the sweet serenading sounds originating from the roots of soul, funk and the blessing vibes of rhythm n blues. Take the greates of Aretha Franklin, the Tempations, Barry White an the likes and fuse them with the power of House Music and you get ... the only LuvAffair you will ever need!

A LuvAffair w/
▌Jon Gravy [Step Back Trax, Super Motel 168]
Dirty kicks and flowing harmonies – this is what sums up the sophisticated Lo-Fi and Disco tunes of Vienna Jon Gravy.

Born in the early nineties with his roots being in South Africa, Felix Nowak was raised in a black ‘n’ white Viennese family with a lot of funkatiers like Joe Zawinul, Marvin Gaye, Pharcyde in his playlists. Lightning-like this turned him to his Alter Ego “Jon Gravy”, who tears down the forts of musical genres to create his very own style of pumping house music to bring Austria back on the roadmap of influential cities.
With his 2016’s uprising baby called “Step Back Trax”, Jon Gravy presented his very own record label as a fundamental part of Austrias growing House floors. And if this was not enough he plucked out a series of events called “Super Motel 168”.
Let JG suck you into his atmosphere with his pushing rhythms which create the irresistible urge to hug your neighbor on the dancefloor.

Amongst others Jon Gravy released on Neo Violence, Blaq Numbers and Kaleido.
Supported by your local LuvAffair-Darlings:

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▌Luke Wackelkopf [LuvAffair, Journey to Tarab]

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