90´s Festival

90´s Festival - For the life you don't yet know!

Rock&Pop Floor (hosted by Schmelz Fest)

mit DJ Berlü

sounds like:
Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Los Del Rio: Macarena
R.E.M.: Losing My Religion
Oasis: Wonderwall
Spice Girls: Wannabe

HipHop Floor (hosted by HipHop Partys Wien)

mit DJ Linus & FunkyP (Dreistil)

sounds like:
(Warren G) Regulate
(Ol’ Dirty Bastard) Shimmy Shimmy Ya
(Salt-N-Pepa,) Let’s Talk About Sex
(Dr Dre, Nuthin) But A ‘G’ Thang
(Naughty By Nature) Hip Hop Hooray’

Techno Floor (hosed by Studentenjobs Wien)

mit DJ Rave it

sounds like:
(Marusha) Somwhere over the rainbow
(Faithless) Insomnia
(2 Unlimited) Let the beat control your body
(The Prodigy) Out of space
(Apollo 440) Stop the rock
(Snap) Rhythym is a dancer

VVK: mit FB Zusage 8 €
AK: 10 € < 00:00 < 12 €

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