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25 Jahre Depot. Nachgefragt: The Ecological Greenhouse

In 2000, the Greenhouse Project was presented at Depot. Founded by artist Avital Geva more than 40 years ago, it still brings together youth from the various populations and sectors of Israeli society and connects them with climatic and agricultural sciences.
Together they study environmental challenges and produce projects and research of the highest level. Integrating between art and science The Ecological Greenhouse creates new methods for the use of solar energy, irrigation and soil fertilization, and works on topics such as the cultivation of micro-seaweed or plant-based water treatments.

Respondent: Fridays for Future
Noam Geva, program coordinator, The Ecological Greenhouse, Ein-Shemer, Israel
and again, as in 2000:
Avital Geva, artist, The Ecological Greenhouse, Ein-Shemer, Israel

Followed by a small buffet.

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