10 Years of Tabula Rasa

10 Years of Tabula Rasa - Part 1!

A Nu Forms Festival Warm Up


Critical / Blackout / Invisible, / RAM / MethLab

Blackout / Project Fifty-One / Virus / RAM

Critical Music / Invisible / Dispatch

hosted by
■ MC DAXTA [AT / Nu Forms Festival]

support by
■ CAPRIO & KRONICA [Green Club Rec.]
■ Mabe & Gappinzky
■ Minos & Hattori

NUFORMS is not simply about the consumption of music. It is conceived as an event to sharpen the senses for all layers of this musical subculture. Festival visitors will be able to take part in competitions and workshops and thus become actors and participants. From the Scene for the Scene! Also in terms of Visual Art a new experience is to be expected for 2017.

Tabula Rasa Drum & Bass was established in 2007 when parts of the crew got in touch with the sounds of Drum & Bass not at least because of an Electronic Music Festival curated by the actual NU FORMS Team at the beautiful Wiesen-Venue. Maybe that’s why we share the same view, taste and values when it comes to Drum & Bass Culture. So now 10 Years later Nu Forms and TabulaRasa team together for an Festival Warm Up Event at VAZ Hafen Innsbruck to bring you a massive line up packed with two DNB-Legends CURRENT VALUE & GRIDLOK and one of the most talented Newcomers SIGNAL (Drum & Bass Arena Award for Best Newcomer 2016). On the mic we are looking forward to our longtime friend and NU Forms Resident DAXTA MC. NUF said.

25,00€ zzgl. Gebühren


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